Configure your rig reinforcement kit to your liking

Arm 1

Default configuration

Main goal of arm 1 is to support FFB base plate from rotating when driving and from unwanted movements. I've realized that even with applied very high torque to the factory solution, that is 4 bolts that squeeze the plate from sides, is not enough to hold the plate steady and it may swivel when using high force FFB. Another upside is that when you loosen those bolts, arm will prevent it from falling front/back so you don't have to hold the plate when adjusting the wheel angle. Arm adjustment enables range -15°/+15° which is more than enough. You may also choose single arm or double arm configuration. Only downside is that it will require a little bit more time to adjust the base position angle, because you have to adjust it on the arm as well as loosen/tighten the factory bolts.

Default configuration

Arm 2 stiffens front of the rig and prevents it from front/back movement when braking hard. It needs to be adjusted just once.

Arm 3

Default configuration

Arm 3 is additional connection between back and front parts of the rig and prevents unwanted sliding on adjustment bolts. It also reduces overall flex of the rig. Only downside is that it will require a little bit more time to adjust seat distance. You may adjust it on arm length or change clamp position if arm length adjustment is not enough. If you select no mounts option, two clamps will be still included just for this arm.


Default configuration

You may choose two options for mounting: metal clamps with rubber to not interfere in rig original tubing, or drill holes yourself. Keep in mind that with clamps you can adjust position both on clamps and arm length. If you drill the holes, you can only adjust arm length.

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